I must apologise for my lack of blogging! New Year’s resolution is definitely giving me some time to catch up on things like this!

What I learnt from 2015 and what I’m going to take with me into 2016.

Dream Big

This past year I have been on a whirl wind. Whether it’s been changing jobs or setting myself up with new ventures it’s been hectic to say the least! I have continued styling (my true calling) but have also joined a network marketing company which is based on health, wellness, botanical products and is against animal cruelty – aspects which are really close to my heart.

Through my current full time employment I was also given the chance to interview for my DREAM job … an actual full time stylist. I had a phone interview, thought it went reasonably well, THEN got the shock of my life with the company wanting a Skype interview… again it went reasonably well but i was convinved i was not what they were looking for. Two days later my flight was booked and I was heading down to meet the team and do a practical interview … mind officially blown! Despite missing the mark through another candidate just having a little more in their portfolio; it was a fantastic experience and really increased my confidence. Turns out I’m not just a crazy dreamer after all; I WILL have my dream job eventually!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re dreaming too much. It’s impossible to dream too much! The past few years I have learnt to ignore people … I think this comes with just getting a bit older admittedly but its incredible gratifying. I will do what I want and dream as much as I want; eventually I will get exactly what I want in life. I believe we get pushed into a direction when we are smaller. Through no fault of anyone’s, but that can stop us from doing what we really want, don’t ever forget what your dream once was.


So this year I developed a big credit card bill…. WHO CARES! I have travelled to different corners of the earth with different people and had some of the most incredible experiences that money can’t buy!

March took me to New York with one of my school friends, to say I had a once in a life time experience would be an understatement. Friends don’t tell but let’s just say I spent evenings in Madison square garden’s, day trips on tour buses and shopped far too much. I also met some lifelong friends which I am truly thankful for.

May… on a whim with a bad break up under her belt me and my best best best lady friend decided to head to Dubai to let our hair down and to cheer her up. To add to the excitement the 3rd of the musketeers was in Dubai working for a few weeks so we thought she would love some girly Scottish company! We are primary school friends so I knew from pressing pay on the KLM website we would have a ball. Days consisted of sunbathing, cocktails, ridiculously random conversations and nights; sushi, wine, dancing and laughing Even though we were only away for a few days it 100% cemented our friendship, these girls are family!

October took me to Thailand (Phuket to be exact with the other half) I’ll be honest the whole thing started disasteristly , lightning hit planes, long flights and to top it off we were stuck in a tropical storm for 3 days … when I was guaranteeing myself sunshine! Despite that we braved it, walked though flood water, drunk beer and played board games with bored ping pong ladies that were struggling for pennies thanks to the lack of very smart tourists. We had our reservations but reluctantly I booked a ticket to go island hoping on the last day … my idea of sitting on a boat in the waves we had witnesses was absolute hell! I can’t convey how amazing this day was, the things we saw and experienced were utterly breath talking! Sitting on a secluded beach at 6am, snorkelling in coral reefs, feeding monkeys and taking in the amazing scenery at Mya Bay was utterly incredible!

All in all these were filled with laughs and life affirming moments as well as meeting old and new fiends. In 2014 I promised myself that 2015 would be filled with travel and more friend time … mission accomplished!


LOVE EVERYTHING! Love the rain, the snow, the sun, your family, your friends, your job, the city you live in… EVERYTHING. With the amount of horrific world tragedies that have happened this year we need to love! Love has no boundaries and no amount of space can become between it, even if you are at the other side of the world you can still love. I’ve watched people break up, new relationships cement, families fight, friends argue. It’s not worth it! We have such a tiny amount of time on this messed up planet, you need to remember what is important and dismiss those petty things … and just LOVE. Yes I’ve said love a lot … are we clear??

Love yourself

Quite a personal one for me as I’ve always struggled with this in all aspects of it. This year I started taking it down a notch with the gym, stopped weighing myself and just started to enjoy myself more when it comes to food and drink. Time is short what is the point in eating food you hate and working out so much you are missing the little things like that coffee catch up with your friend or a yap with your granny. My clothes still fit, I still go the the gym and I still eat healthy 80% of the time but it’s all about moderation and this year has defiantly taught me that. Also …slightly unrealated but ladies buy yourself gorgeous underwear on a regular basis, do your nails, pay for a massage!!!! It’s amazing how something so little can make you feel a 10.


You are good enough and you can do it. Admittedly I’m one of these people that ALWAYS need confirmation on things to make sure I’ve done something right or I’m on the right track. I’ve always looked for gratification from others to tell me that I’ve done well – 100% an only child syndrome thing (I was an only for 13 years!). But 2015 has taught me … you know what I can , I don’t need others to confirm everything is ok, I know in myself that I’m doing a good job. Despite this I do still hit a wall when I’m confused and wavering about what to do but I’m learning and it’s all about growth I guess.


Everybody just calm down. Stop stressing! Take a deep breath and in the famous words of Ross Gellar WOOSA. At work I have learned to say NO and keep telling everyone to do this… im sure my manger is delighted haha! But if you can’t manage something and you know you can’t there is no point in taking the task on and getting worked up about it, leave it to someone who has the time and can be through. If you can’t manage a catch up with friends or that coffee with mum you promised, don’t stress just reschedule. Life throws things at us and sometimes you just got to get on with it, but you can only do what you can. If people don’t understand, well do you want a person with that negativity in your life? I certainly don’t! If your boss doesn’t understand, are you in the right job? I’m not saying make rash decisions based on the fact you have been stressed due to a time constraint once or twice; I’m just saying take your time. Stress can really relate to anything and everything and is a huge indicator of things that are wrong in your life. Listen to it.

I know I’ve maybe rambled on but hopefully this will give you a little bit of inspiration and a small insight into me and my year!