So it’s January , the new year resolutions of dieting and good intentions are in full swing! But I know I for one am still conscious of those added christmas pounds. All hale shapewear!

I’ve been having a lot of questions thrown at me recently with regards to shapewear from my clients. Does it work? What is the best one to use with my outfit?  Its it comfortable?. So I thought I would do a little post and run down on some all important shapewear hints and tips.

So firstly I would like to point out that wearing shapewear doesn’t have to do with your weight at all! I encourage all my clients to invest in a good set no matter they’re dress size or shape! These fab little additions don’t just help to reduce inches in problem areas but can be used to smooth a silhouette -the latter being what I use them for in my styling appointments.


So looking left to right :

Spanx look at me control leggings – we have all seen the unmissable thong of the girl walking in front of us … mainly due to a pair of inexpensive cotton leggings. These will 100% help you to avoid this issue! But that’s not the only reason these are a godsend! Spanx have created these to ensure ultimate support around the thigh and tummy area as well as helping slim your legs in general. What I love about these is they can give you support on a every day level, not just occasional. Throw these on with a t shirt dress for the school run or team them with a  dress and ankle boots for a day at work. I’m usually not a fan of Spanx as they are VERY industrial! No lumps seen here! But these are actually very comfortable and I recommend them for every day use.

Spanx simplicity open bust suit – right so the reason i love this one is due to the shape.  It allows you to wear your own bra which is AMAZING as I find the built in ones you get in some shapewear are just useless as they are only  made for one body shape. This is also a fab option for any ladies still breast feeding as well as  it still gives you that comfort and allows you to feed with no hassle. The suit gives you all over control: thighs, bum, tum and also means no underwear lines under that slinky dress! BUT the down sides … no backless or strapless dresses for this little number!  Also … a slight practical issue , going to the loo will involve you totally striping off which is not only time consuming but rather annoying! As ive said previously spanx are great for providing ultimate support but I will say this one is maybe only for special occasions due to the practicality of wearing it and also its comfort. This one is extremely tight so you can forget eating a three course meal with added cocktails!

Maidenform full length comfort slip – my secret weapon and personal favourite!  On the hanger this just looks like a thin piece of lacy nightwear but I promise you this slip holds everything in! The majority of my clients are always skeptical when putting this on but are hugely surprised by the effectiveness it has! Its great for creating a waistline and smoothing out the stomach, with the long line version also smoothing the top of the thighs and bum. The reason why this is my number one is the comfort. The fabric is extremely breathable and soft making it the best option for an all day occasion or evening event …. it also allows you to go to the loo with no hassle which is brill! However i will say for ladies with larger chests this maybe isn’t the one for you as it won’t provide you with much support in that area and unlike the spanx suit you cant really wear your own bra with it. Admittedly some of its competitors will hold you in that little bit extra but in all honesty comfort is key and this will allow you to eat, drink and dance the night away!

Finally a little sizing tip: when fitting yourself with most shapewear brands I would encourage you to go down a size as this will give you the best results and more importantly for longer. Remember items can loose their elasticity over time so its also a good idea to update them every so often  depending on how often you use them, something I’m admittedly awful at doing.