There are so many different trends coming through for 2015 so I thought I better make a start!

Lets shake off the winter cobwebs and look at what to expect in spring , I promise you it is not as far away as it seems! We will be getting some sunshine in no time! … and more importantly the compulsory cream eggs.

What better way to celebrate the turning of the seasons then to introduce some well needed colour into our wardrobes! Yellow yellow yellow!

Designer’s such as Michael Kors, John Rocha and Carolina herrera flooded New York fashion week with bright yellows in their spring summer collections for 2015. It is starting to come through on the highstreet but with Christmas sales still insistent on burdening us you will have to rake the rails im afraid!


Ironically this has to be one of your least favourite colours. A number of my clients, when asked if there is a fashion item or colour they aren’t keen on or wish to avoid reply with ” not yellow , PLEASE not yellow , its awful”. There is a common misconception that yellow is a really difficult colour to wear or incorporate into a capsule wardrobe. For some ladies unfortunately you may be right, certain skin tones and colours simply do not compliment certain yellows . However for the majority you may will be surprised! There are a number of different tones of yellow, all of which will suit a number of ladies, more importantly its a fab way of revamping a dark winter outfit or brightening up your wardrobe! I promise if you give it a try you won’t be disappointed!


Paler skin tones should opt for the more mustard / earthy yellow tones. For example the Oasis peplum or Warehouse jacket in the above images would be a great choice. This will insure your skin tone remains vibrant and isn’t paled. Yellow has a blue tone to it meaning the brighter you go the paler the effect on your skin tone.

Olive or darker skin tones should opt for bright / lemon yellow. For example the Ted Baker skater dress in the above image. Using this yellow will again ensure your skin tone remains balanced and wont pale. There is not enough contrast in the mustard yellows so these should be avoided.

If you are still unsure of yellow never fear! Team your outfit with some yellow accessories to remain on trend instead.  The Jimmy Choo lance shoes and Michael Kors handbag above are great statement pieces. Yellow naturally looks great with neutral colours like creams of khaki’s.  But if you want to stand out play with as much colour as humanly possible! Vibrant reds or on trend pastel blues or purples will look fab and insure you are fashion week ready!